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No matter where you live, no matter where you invest!

The key to your real estate investing is in the numbers. Monthly accounting and numbers for your real estate properties can get confusing, especially if you have multiple properties, multi-family, or apartments in your portfolio. Keeping detailed records up to date can seem daunting, not to mention how to organize your monthly paperwork.

As a real estate investor, you need accurate financial information that is respected, reliable, and timely. We can help you report, interpret, and use your financial information to run your real estate investments more effectively. Now you can make sense of your real estate investing that will have your accountant smiling!

Helping to add value to your real estate investments

We are all about you, the client. We know everyone is different. With our client focus, we take the time to understand your real estate investment strategy, your portfolio, and your goals. Working together, we help add value to your portfolio. We keep track of your real estate investments and create reports based on that information to meet your specific needs whether you invest on your own or with joint venture partners.

As innovators, we do not recycle tired and old accounting solutions. We stay current with technology and management systems, leveraging our experience to serve your needs. We serve you with integrity, and with solutions that are results-oriented and exceed the highest professional standards.

Most importantly, we put your needs first. We believe in a client-centred relationship and personalized service that gives you value and the confidence for you and your joint venture partners.

We keep it simple for you!
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